Private Internet Access

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For internet anonymity and safe browsing, I heartily recommend a subscription to Private Internet Access. Along with a good antivirus program and common sense, PIA helps a ton. They mask your IP address, prevent trackers from collecting your browsing habits to then later sell, and basically cloak your online activity. If you know how a proxy works, then yeah, it’s kind of like that, only way better. It makes you pretty much untraceable. It’s roughly $40 a year for the basic features. PIA also has the ability to bypass internet censorship for you so you can access more of the Internet. It also helps to protect you from hackers on public WiFi*

This is an issue that is really close to my heart because I think that privacy is a fundamental human right, so to me this company is heroic. I actually use Private Internet Access myself because it helps with my peace of mind.

To see if your IP is visible online and if your DNS queries are coming from the same IP, click here:
*Don’t use Private Internet Access as a substitute for common sense. Run a good antivirus program regularly, install all computer updates, don’t buy anything when you’re on public Wifi, and don’t click on the pop-up ads, nimrod