On this blog, I affiliate market. What that means is that if I find a product that I like enough to promote, I link to it and if you click the link and buy something, I will earn a commission (if you do that, thank you for your support!). Here is why and how I will do it.

Why: In a word, professionalism. Besides the obvious reason “to earn money,” I actually love to support businesses that provide great products in a professional way. That kind of business is rare to find these days, both on a small and large scale, and I want to help. I truly believe that a dollar is a vote, so I work to ensure that good businesses succeed. I have plenty of time to look through various options online to see what products are available, so I use that to my advantage to find the best of the best. Rest assured I will only recommend you the BEST STUFF.

How I am going about it: I’ve been lucky enough to see some really cool products and businesses come out in the past few years. Here’s the process I go through with any given “shiny” to see if it’s worth affiliate marketing for on this blog:
1. I ask myself “Is this a product that I could feel good about promoting?” Factors going into the decision include thinking about the long-term implications of buying the product, if it’s a better replacement for some crap currently on the market, if it’s a genuinely good value for the price, if it’s better to buy than to just leave on the shelf, if it’s awesome, if it is so groundbreaking that it’ll change the buyer’s life forever, and more.
2. Once I have found a product or service that looks really cool, I do some background research on both the product and the company to see if they are a. environmentally friendly, b. ethically produced in a good environment for the people making the product, c. professional, a.k.a. a company that values customer service, customer feedback, employee feedback, holds itself up to the highest standards both ethically and with regards to the performance of the product, and engages in absolutely no shady practices, and d. sells products at a reasonable price
3. If it meets criteria a, b, c, and d, I buy something from the company and see if it’s actually any good. Note: if a company website provides any indication that they sell visitor’s data, engage in deceptive marketing, or otherwise deals in morally bankrupt behavior, I won’t affiliate market for them. A lot of affiliate marketers won’t bother to buy what they’re selling, but I do that because I actually want to buy these things. I won’t sell anything that I wouldn’t buy myself. That’s shady!
4. Provided there are no issues, I affiliate market for the company. If it doesn’t have any affiliate marketing program, I might spread the word about it anyway. I really love to spread the word about fantastic microbusinesses in particular, because a. some of my favorites sell things you can’t get anywhere else and they need the publicity and b. microbusinesses boost the economy in amazing ways.

How I am not going about it: I am completely against that hard-sell crap you’re probably used to. I’m a child of the 90s and that infomercial, captive consumerist, compensate-for-lousy-product-with-sleazy-marketing stuff makes me very upset. I think paying someone for a swindle is messed up. I won’t subject you to that.

My three promises to all readers as an affiliate marketer:
1. I promise to never knowingly promote or otherwise work with products, companies, or affiliate marketing networks that are unprofessional, unethical, irresponsible, or unsustainable.

2. I promise to diligently research whatever products or companies I promote and work with to do my best to avoid accidentally promoting or enriching something unethical.

3. I promise to only work with businesses that hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior.