New Eco-Friendly Technology

Here are a few things that might interest you.

Wave Energy
Ocean waves buoy up levers that go up and down which transfer the kinetic energy into electric energy sustainably. A video of part of the setup in action is on the website.

Solar Foundry
This is a large fresnel lens mounted on a frame and focused on one dark object, concentrating sunlight on one area.

Parabolic Hot Water Heater

Super Insulating Panels
These are like your average insulation panels used in construction, but better.
For more industrial applications there’s this

Aerogel Insulation
This is probably where the home insulation industry is headed, but it will take a while.

Home Solar Panels with E-Car Charging Station
Grid-tied home solar arrays have been around for a while, but E-Car home charging stations have not. Imagine not having to get gas from a public pump for local commutes ever again.
More information:

New Supplement for Cows to Decrease Methane Emissions

New method of electricity generation
I’m not exactly sure how to describe this.

Plug-In Water Generation Machines
Yes, this is what it sounds like. Provide the machine with electricity and it’ll pull water from the air for you to drink.

Off-Grid Water Generation Machines
Same as above but it doesn’t need to be plugged in, just put under sunlight outside.

Rock Dust on Fields
This isn’t exactly a new idea but apparently putting crushed basalt rock on fields for agriculture can sequester a lot of carbon while making food more nutrient dense. Also, it can decrease ocean acidification.

Solar Fiberoptic Lighting
It appears that this technology is definitely here and all the design kinks have been worked out, but that it’s hard to find companies selling such products yet. Believe me, it’ll be around soon.

Water (technically hydrogen and battery) Powered Motorcycle

And here are 2019’s major contributions. Almost all of them are pretty mind-boggling.

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