Silver’s Super Unhealthy Ramen Recipe

“Wait,” you might be thinking, “How can ramen possibly become more unhealthy?” Well folks this is how. By the way, if for whatever reason you can’t have ramen noodles, you can easily cook other noodles in the water and seasoning packet instead, and these can be gluten-free, egg noodles, or whatever. I like egg noodles.

Get a chicken ramen and make it according to the package. Or boil up some noodles until they’re done. Ideally, cook it in chicken broth instead of water.

Add 2 seasoning packets.

Add 1 sliced green onion.

Add 1 fried egg.

MORE ramen additions:

Add chili garlic sauce

Stuff several handfuls of cleaned spinach into a coffee mug, cover with boiling water, let cool, drain and squeeze out the spinach, then chop it up. Add it to the ramen.

Add Tony’s seasoning or other seasoning blend. Best if it’s salt-free; ramen is already pretty salty

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