What Can I Do?

As usual, as I find more things I will add them. In this current climate, it is not right to say nothing about politics, so in light of that, there are two very important things you MUST do if you really want to help.
1. Think deeply about Black Lives Matter and what it means to you, and have tough conversations with your nearest and dearest. Prepare to lose friends. It should be obvious to anyone with a heart that the color of your skin does not define your value. Apparently, many people are heartless.
2. Do NOT, for the love of all that is holy, vote for Trump or anyone supporting his methods. I don’t care what other items from this list you do or do not do. If you vote for them, you can kiss democracy in the United States goodbye, not to mention you’ll see the death toll rise. This is the single most important thing you can do. Vote these guys out. To make this even more effective, convince all of your friends and family to also vote these guys out.

NEW 7/17/2020: Another guide on how to help was posted here https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2020/04/04/10-ways-you-can-help-those-battling-on-the-front-lines/
Keep yourself sane by working on self care and mental health, because you can’t pour from an empty cup. I posted some resources here: https://macgyverrevolution.neocities.org/stressrelief.html and here http://www.betterworldblog.xyz/2020/04/18/the-quarantine-entertainment-masterpost/

Be as kind to yourself as you possibly can. This can’t be overstated.
If you are in need of anything, speak up! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell social media, don’t try to go it alone. There are people out there who are willing to assist you if you can reach them.

NEW 6/24/2020: Here is a guide for helping to mobilize your local community to get a steady pipeline of PPE going to the local hospitals and clinics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbEj7M3aZIg

Sew cloth masks and distribute them to the needy
Help family and friends in any way you can
Don’t forget to vote and contact your elected representatives! I posted resources for how here: http://www.betterworldblog.xyz/2020/04/19/big-brain-time/
Adopt a pet for a limited time or permanently. Call up your local animal shelters or look online to see if they are still looking for people to adopt
Share any resources you find online that you think are helpful, relevant, and on-topic. This can be news, information related to slowing or stopping the spread of coronavirus, websites, voting, help with homeschooling, or anything like that.
Make people laugh or smile. We’ll get through this, one positive action at a time.

In the Online Megamall Post http://www.betterworldblog.xyz/2020/05/03/online-shopping-megamall-post/ I put a bunch of online businesses that could really use some cash inflow right now. But don’t forget your local businesses that deliver, in particular restaurants. It might seem risky to get prepared food delivered, but unless your supermarket has a curbside pickup option, going to the supermarket is actually more risky because your food is in close proximity to way more people. I’ve worked in foodservice for a long time and trust me, the risk isn’t even comparable. Support your local restaurants by ordering your food in. If you really feel paranoid, then transfer the food to clean plates, trash the packaging, and wash your hands before you eat it.

If you feel like donating, these organizations put money to good use. You can definitely volunteer for these if you feel it’s a good idea. Also bear in mind that donating directly to someone works a heck of a lot better than going through an intermediary, especially if that somebody is a friend or family member. Keep an ear open because you never know if someone close will need your help. Protestors will need bail funds and legal representation, too, so keep an ear out in order to send them funds, particularly if you know them in person.
Search for the #GetMePPE hashtag on Twitter to donate directly to healthcare providers who need it
Navajo and Hopi Families Grassroots Covid-19 Support Fund
As yet the Navajo, Hopi, and all other Native American Tribal Members living on reservations or otherwise waiting on the 8 billion dollars of federal aid for the pandemic have gotten an unknown amount from the government. But the Navajo and Hopi Nation HAVE gotten 4.6+ million dollars of aid from this fundraiser.
One Spirit
NDN Collective

Hospitals in your location that need PPE are a good bet here. Search on the main page for [your state here] hospital PPE
This particular hospital in the Bronx has been hard hit
World Central Kitchen
Doctors Without Borders
Alayah Esotera’s GoFundMe
This is a Pagan living in Saskatchewan who is getting fined… for being Pagan. This is important because it comes at a time of rampant discrimination against all people who are “other.” Now is the time to spread the word that diversity and individual freedoms are a source of strength that we will defend.
Arbor Day Foundation

The next challenge right after coronavirus is going to be global warming. I recommend the Arbor Day Foundation because they are in a unique position to plant a whole lot of trees, very quickly, in a way that is beneficial to the environment. They’ve been doing this for a long time. I am actually a member, and I vouch for the health of the trees they sell. I’ve planted them before; they did good. If you’ve seen #teamtrees or know about it then yeah, this is who they partnered with to get the job done.

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