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All of these companies are eco-friendly, from super small businesses, or just really high quality.

For food see: I have updated the list in the food shopping link, so now it’s more comprehensive.

I decided to make this a continually updated post as I find cool things. Otherwise, you’d just be getting batches of post after post and feh, who likes that?


Bed, Bath and Beyond
Oh, you thought you’d never find a metal solar clothes dryer that fits on your average balcony? Think again.
They also sell affordable camping gear, eco-friendly home improvements such as LED lightbulbs, and kitchenware. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the stuff and the speed at which it ships out.

United States Postal Service
Thanks to some really dumb political maneuvering the post office could be on the brink of going bankrupt. So buy metric tons of stamps y’all! They also sell greeting cards and holiday cards so now is a great time to get all stocked up for future holidays and events.
Arbor Day Foundation
If you heard of #teamtrees, this is the organization that’s actually putting those trees in the ground. A ten dollar membership grants you access to their super cheap tree and shrub catalog, much of which consists of food-bearing stuff like hazelnuts or apricots. Membership also gives you several trees they send to your location if you are able to grow them. They also sell greeting cards that plant a tree for each card sold, and puny baby trees that can be used as party favors. Don’t buy their coffee, though, their coffee sucks.
The Amma Shop
This is an organization headed by a guru from India called Amma. It does quite a bit of charity work, such as running hospitals, environmental work, running soup kitchens, and so on. I recommend the essential oils, they’re awesome.
These guys make bracelets out of the plastic they pull from the ocean, then sell them to fund more plastic retrieval operations.
The largest tree-planting search engine in the world has their own merch shop. Each T-shirt causes 20 trees to be planted.

Brooks Running
This is a company that specializes in clothing and gear for heavy-impact exercise. Women, take a look at their sports bras. Just trust me on this.
Bamboo Clothing
Not 100% bamboo, but a mixture of fibers that contains bamboo. Interesting stuff.
This is a company well known for its durable, warm clothing. People working in tough outdoor conditions tend to love this stuff.
Tactical Gear
Do you want clothing you can move in? Do you want something functional and durable? You might have luck here
Beyond Buckskin
Native American fashion and jewelry
Eighth Generation
Various Native American apparel, such as socks with cool patterns.
Native American Haute couture fashion. I wish they were still selling that fabulous swimsuit I saw on their website a while back. Get what they’re selling while the getting’s good, because they run out!
Megabots Apparel
For those of us who want to see a real-life giant robot battle again

Do you want goth or industrial stuff? Does the thought of shopping at Spencer’s or Hot Topic make you cringe? Here you go
Academy Sports
Sports stuff and activewear. Probably not eco-friendly or socially just at all, but inexpensive and durable.
Mountains Handmade

Hand-knit woolen sweaters, socks, and legwarmers
Are you loaded? Do you like camping?
Similarly expensive. Brutally expensive. For campers with lots of money.

Canyon Records

Banana fiber paper notebooks
Banana fiber office paper

Better World Books
Not only is this cheaper than Amazon, the books ship out faster. Plus you don’t wind up contributing to Amazon’s terrible workplace ethics so there is that. The selection isn’t great but what you do find is often rare or unusual, and at really cheap prices.
For rare titles. It is not cheap. Expect shipping to double the cost of whatever you’re buying.
Relatively inexpensive and has a decent selection. Shipping costs are still pretty high.

Kokua Suncare
This is the only reef-safe sunscreen I know of that actually stays on in heavy surf. It’s all-natural.
Dr. Bronner’s
If you haven’t tried their bar soap along with a washcloth, then you haven’t lived. It’s that great. Other than that, they produce a wide variety of body care products that last a long time, are easy on the Earth, and work well.

This is a supplement company that also makes essential oils. It’s not a MLM, and as far as I’m aware the way they make their essential oils is ethical. They make good blends. I really like their Cheer Up Buttercup blend, it’s pretty great.
Freyja’s Magic
All natural perfumes and body care products with a Norse twist.
Juniper Ridge
These guys make all natural perfume in a unique, eco-friendly way. Sometimes it involves distilling old Christmas trees into essential oil. Most of the time it involves working with the maintenance crews in wilderness areas. They also sell the only product that I can condone for burning sage, since they harvest it sustainably.
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
This is an artisan perfumer who makes small batches of really good stuff, most of it a blend of synthetic and naturals. Worth it.
Ayala Moriel
All-natural perfume
Anya McCoy
All-natural perfume

Carlin BearDontWalk
Shirley Gibson
Jazmin Anita
Mike Atkinson
Stella Marrs (I picked this particular postcard because gah!)

Anna Marie Ferguson
Emily Hare
Kitten Witch and the Bad Vibes
Trippy Drips
Thomas Kinkade – a guilty pleasure, don’t judge me, okay?

Chinese American Family Gift Shop

Conjure Doctor
Mama Starr Casas
Serpent’s Kiss Botanica

Esotera’s Rituals

Spellfire Gifts
Natural Magick Shop
The Official Witch Shoppe Online
Enchantments NYC
Wiccan Magical Store

Aloha Bay
Sunbeam Candles
Waxman Candles

Native American beaded headbands and necklaces
Ogham leaf silver necklaces

Private Internet Access

Let me know if I’ve missed any great companies or small businesses!

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